This ARTFashiontech Studio Gordana,Clothing Manufactoring and other services, owner Gordana Drenovac has export plans in 2020 so soon can be available to customers in EU market and abroad . For that reason , if you are person , or business buyer interested in buying collections for shop or shop corners or exibit in showrooms/with franshise concept ,  or similar cooperations ( goods & creative services ) in Croatia or abroad , I will be so glad to hear for you so please send specific request on e-mail :  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Distributor and producer of the goods and services which are presented in this online pages of the web shop   www.artfashiontech.eu  is  ARTFashiontech Studio Gordana , Clothing manufactoring and other services , owner Gordana Drenovac , Ivana Stožira 1 , 10000 Zagreb , Republic of Croatia .

Information about distributor /producer ( The Seller ) :
ARTFashiontech Studio Gordana
Clothing Manufactoring and other services , owner Gordana Drenovac
Ivana Stožira 1 , 10000 Zagreb , Republic of Croatia
OIB 68983093760
Tel : +385-98-273 941
E mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Web shop : www.artfashiontech.eu

At the begining of the 2019 year , fashion designer Gordana Drenovac had founded own fashion studio ARTFashiontech Studio Gordana  , Clothing manufactoring and other services as creative and innovative fashiontech studio in Zagreb , Croatia , EU . Fashion studio  has own production with showroom as well as sales-presentation space for collections and services  with online shop  ( web shop ) address :  www.artfashiontech.eu  . Fashion designer and owner Gordana Drenovac had created  own fashion brand  " ARTFashiontech Studio Gordana " as well as  fashion avatar of designer  " ARTFashiontech Studio Gordana " , as her digital fashion consultatant-blog on the social media network and her online shop - blog   www.artfashiontech.eu   .

Offer of on line shop www.artfashiontech.eu   :
In offer of fashion studio ARTFashiontech Studio Gordana  ,  Clothing manufactoring and other services , owner Gordana Drenovac and her online web shop www.artfashiontech. are  Goods and Services made by on-line purchase orders as original fashion designer collection made by fashion designer Gordane Drenovac  ( for women ) as main goods offer which is additionaly completed with  art – home collection for decoration spaces ( offices or butique hotel ) included other creative services from fashion , design , fashion illustration , educations , consulting , marketing & media art-video production for personal , business customers or organisations ( B2C i B2B ) .

Important notice  : We kindly ask all visitors or/and future buyers on online shop  www.artfashiontech.eu   that first read in detail all information  published on this online pages in way to inform itself about all issues , terms of purchase and conditions and also read all regurarly from time to time , because possibble changes of any of this terms and conditions without special announcement .  

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  • All Authors rights are in ownership of the ARTFashiontech Studio Gordana  , Clothing Manufactoring and other services , owner Gordana Drenovac, Ivana Stožira 1,10000 Zagreb , Republic of Croatia  as well as author personaly  Gordana Drenovac fashion designer and owner  .

Fashion and multimedia : Fashion designer Gordana Drenovac , owner of the ARTFashiontech Studio Gordana  , add more then 20 years knowledge and experience in all aspects of fashion business area and textiles with intention to offer market new, fresh  and innovative multimedia  " fashiontech " designer fashion concept in Croatia and abroad , all made inhouse or with closed cooperations of domestic producers , based on ¨ know-how ¨ within same fashion studio and creative innovative vision of independent fashion designer and textile engineer Gordana Drenovac . Additionaly Fashion designer Gordana Drenovac made her own fashion brand  " ARTFashiontech Studio Gordana " as  well as her digital avatar  " ARTFashiontech Studio Gordana " , as her fashion designer avatar  mainy used as fashion consultant-blog , adding digitalization-technology in all aspects of the fashion business processes as well as making all content productions on her online pages – web shop www.artfashiontech.eu   :  visuals , drawings , photos , text , digital catalogues  , promotional posts and  art – video creative productions with original music based on themes of the collections , adding social media links to be able make better visualisation , introducing her products&services with customers .  On that way she created a quite unique visual identity , marketing and brending with fully ajusted content with creative vision of her fashion brand in order to realise real plans for soon export in near future . The main vision of the fashion brand , ARTFashiontech Studio Gordana , made by independent fashion designer Gordana Drenovac is to listen market demands and consumer needs , small personal buyer or bigger – business , so she puts customer in the central stage position , making personal comunication real with possibility of the designer order personalisation , together with funny experiances of art video posts and thematic collection videos with own – original music . On that way  fashion studio ARTFashiontech Studio Gordana , owner Gordana Drenovac  made fairy and funny fashion products which has a original designer story based on Croatia heritage products and locations . It is presented in many multimedia chanells , as an impuls for purchase per order , with  fully inhouse design - product development - production in Croatia from idea , design  , illustration and art till projecting and manufactoring with marketing-branding as well inside the same creative and innovative fashion studio from Croatia .

In online web shop www.artfashiontech.eu   , goods and services can buy for now only in Croatia for currency kuna ( HRK) with payment on transaction by bank transfer and via direct internet banking  on business account of ARTFashion Studio Gordana , owner Gordana Drenovac , based on confirmed & accepted online - order .  Delivery is available only on territory of Croatia . Payment methods are also valid and available for customers from Croatia . In near future in 2020 year, plan is export : selling goods and services for EU area and abroad . So for that reason web shop is available partly in english version , now is only for promotion and information purposes for future customers , so posibble prices on this web pages in EUR are only informative without calculation of the real additional costs ( delivery , taxes or any posibble additional extra costs ) which may occur . Please note that purchase terms and conditions as well as other informations can be changed as well , according the additional costs suitable for the export regulations /taxes on the new markets .

Offer of fashion collections consists of ( in online shop www.artfashiontech.eu   and  showroom too ) clothing manufactoring , unique pieces and limited editions , according order or ¨made- to- measure ¨ service options , including also offer of promo t-shirts for start up women/men owners , organisations or as unique croatian turistic souvenir .  Order can be made by person or business customer , with order confirmation which is actually realisation of advance payment by bank transfer or direct internet banking . Selling can be organised with selling presentations with the Customer signed contract , or personalistion orders , made by model , prototype , digital prototipe or ready made goods too , in showroom , various presentations through fashion shows, exhibitions and also online in this web shop www.artfashiontech.eu  . Payment is in advance according order , and purchased goods is packing and deliver , or producing , packing and deliver after realisation of full in advance order payment on bank account of the ARTFashiontech Studio Gordana  , Clothing manufactoring and other services  owner Gordana Drenovac , Ivana Stožira 1 , 10000 Zagreb , Republic of Croatia . The bill is included togather with delivery of packed purchesed goods . This payment methods together with all terms & conditions is valid only for customers from Croatia . Fashion studio has export plans in 2020 so this or similar offer can be available soon to customers in EU market and abroad .

Showroom visit can be arranged only by appointment with customer visit confirmation  , so if you need appointment use contact info on online shop and arrange personal meeting with fashion designer  Gordana Drenovac .


Products Collections are made by fashion themes ( sea , retro , royal , promo , SF Fantasy art , wedding , advent.. ) and it is presented on online pages in web shop by promotional visuals  , as well as multimedia animated  art-video posts on social media which can be placed monthly or by seasons . Clothing goods are well ajusted according collections in same colors , materials or style to be able make easy and various clothes combinations . Collections are made mostly from high quality natural fabrics ( cotton , silk , linen , viscose , wool  or mix with small % of elastan ) , which can be easy recycled as are non harmful for nature or humans . In that way fairy authors hand paintings art or design , fashion illustrations of mermaids , fairies , women models – fashion avatars with inspirative messages on print or joyfull colors of hand painted shawls mixed with multimedia thematic art -videos with original music , are part of the quite unique innovative vision of the creative industry entrepreneur  and her own fashion brand and marketing . In that way authors fashion design become an original and unique fashion souvenir from Croatia , or gift for our loving ones , full of positive , funny emotions or just creative reminder of joyfull experiences from the touristic trip .

Fashion avatar – digital fashion advisor -consultant of the fashion designer Gordana Drenovac which are presented on online web shop  www.artfashiontech.eu  in form of some kind fashion advisor and fashion blog , but also it is presented on all visuals and social network chanells as personal brand which periodically gives various fashion advises ,  educations , informations about trends or it is simply guide across web - shop user experience among offer of collections , sizes , etc. 

Offer on web shop  www.artfashiontech.eu  is divided on :

Fashion collection for WOMEN is dedicated to active women and her secret wish to be and stay young , beautiful and special , to feel life joy ,casual  & free , no matter on real age .  Main web shop offer are t-shirt with art-print , wedding dresses and coctail dresses , hand painted shawls , tunics and other clothes for women ( shirts , pants , vests , jackets )  and fashion accessories . Clothing goods are well ajusted according collections in colors , materials or style , in order to be able make easy and various clothes combinations .

Collection ART & HOME DECOR is logical respond on consumer demand for inspirative artistic -illustration styles from clothes to create same relaxing effect on working or home/hotel space area .  It consists mainly of  art ilustrations , painting on silk , fashion ilustrations , decorative , art or heritage retro style Home decorations & pillows , according presented goods with posibility of customer personalisation , as well as other unique textile products for home/office/hotel decoration (  curtins, bedding, rugs and etc. ) .

PROMO products & SERVICES : FASHION & MULTIMEDIA .  Promotional products are t-shirts with original designer print ( for women /men ) and services are various creative productions : art-video – multimedia production with original music  , art promo visuals for posts with effects , consulting  , digital marketing , creative workshops and educations ( fashion design  , sewing , styling or painting on silk  ) , made to measure ( wedding dresses , party or coctail  ), personalisation services ,  which are mainly focused on specific or personal  customer demand , based on regular and registred services of her fashion studio .

Fashion designer-entrepreneur Gordana Drenovac according opening her online web shop with fashion blog www.artfashiontech.eu  , preparing in the end of  2019 / begining 2020 year exibitions , creative workshops and educations , silk paintings workshops , fashion design - illustrations & sewing as well as business consulting according  " Fashiontech " digitalization process included various multimedia chanels / content creations , showing her experiences during demanding process of fashion – women entrepreneurship , digitalisations and all challenges which such activity brings . So please if you like follow online pages -web shop  with her fashion blog as well as other social media chanells to be informed about termins and news .

Fashion designer Gordana Drenovac has an honour and great pleasure that her collections you find your own as well too , so be kind to follow-visit  her fashion web shop-blog  , with original trends or educational fashion blogs , explore if you wish all additional content across multimedia chanells , with links presented partly on her web shop  www.artfashiontech.eu   , and soon you will be able to dance and have fun with artistic-fashion videos with original music songs  / performances , with thematic based on collection stories ! My FASHION GAMES had started and feel wellcome for more styles , adventures and stories in time to come , inspired by my own real start up fashiontech life mixed with fantasy .

THANK YOU  for your order , because of this purchase you support in realisation independent fashion studio productions ARTFashiontech Studio Gordana and online web shop  www.artfashiontech.eu  , owned by fashion designer Gordana Drenovac from Croatia !

Gordana Drenovac ,mag.eng.tech.
Fashion designer and owner of ARTFashiontech Studio Gordana and web shop www.artfashiontech.eu