Short biografy of fashion designer Gordana Drenovac , also owner of the ARTFashiontech Studio Gordana , Clothing Manufactoring and other services from Zagreb .

Gordana Drenovac has high education professional degree  . She was finished Faculty of Textile Tehnology , at the University of Zagreb ,Croatia . She has title : magister of textile engineering , with specialisations on projecting / design of clothes and fabrics .She has more then 20 years working experiences , both in domestic and international area , in all aspects of fashion business & production : in design , marketing and product development , production , international trade , education and managment of the clothes and fabrics . She was one of the first persons who design & develop various interiour & textile products for main Croatia hotels and home textiles as well as full fashion industry product-project development . She was participated on various fashion presentations , fairs and fashion shows with her collections , made mostly as industrial designer /manager for Croatian textile industry or trade business . She is an Autor of own specific professional education-courses in design , product development and marketing , and specially added new " Fashiontech "digitalisation concept ¨ consultations which include art-creative thinking&creations  with new technolgies  ( STEAM )  , also digital marketing content production – creative multimedia content in wide business area with digitalisation of whole production process with accent on innovative marketing for increasing sales & comunication with customers .

At the begining of the 2019 year , fashion designer Gordana Drenovac had founded own fashion studio ARTFashiontech Studio Gordana  , Clothing manufactoring and other services as creative and innovative ¨ fashiontech ¨ studio  in Zagreb , Croatia , EU . Her fashion studio  with own production has also showroom as well as sales-presentation space for collections and services with online shop  ( web shop ) address :  www.artfashiontech.eu  . Fashion designer and owner Gordana Drenovac had created own fashion brand  " ARTFashiontech Studio Gordana " as well as  fashion avatar of designer  " ARTFashiontech Studio Gordana " , as her digital fashion consultatant-blog on the social media network and her online shop - blog  : www.artfashiontech.eu .

Offer of on line shop www.artfashiontech.eu   :
In offer of fashion studio ARTFashiontech Studio Gordana  ,  Clothing manufactoring and other services , owner Gordana Drenovac and her online web shop www.artfashiontech. are  Goods and Services made by on-line purchase orders as original fashion designer collection made by fashion designer Gordane Drenovac  ( for women ) as main goods offer which is completed with  art – home collections for decoration spaces ( offices or butique hotel ) and other creative services from fashion , design , fashion illustration , educations , consulting , marketing & media production for personal , business customers or organisations ( B2C i B2B ) .

Important notice  : We kindly ask all visitors or/and furture buyers on online shop  www.artfashiontech.eu   that first read in detail all information  published on this online pages in way to inform itself about all issues , terms of purchase and conditions and also read all regurarly from time to time , because possible changes of any of this terms and conditions without special announcement . 

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All Authors rights are in ownership of the ARTFashiontech Studio Gordana  , Clothing Manufactoring and other services , owner Gordana Drenovac, Ivana Stožira 1,10000 Zagreb , Republic of Croatia  as well as author personaly  Gordana Drenovac fashion designer and owner 

Complete Offer ( goods & services ) is valid for order-paymet-delivery for now only in Croatia customers ( In online web shop www.artfashiontech.eu   , in showroom or in special presentations  ) so goods and services can buy for now only in Croatia territory for currency kuna ( HRK) based on confirmed & accepted online - order . 

This ARTFashiontech Studio Gordana,Clothing Manufactoring and other services, owner Gordana Drenovac , has export plans in 2020 so soon can be available to customers in EU market and abroad . For that reason , if you are person , or business buyer interested in buying collections for shop or shop corners or exibit in showrooms/with franshise concept ,  or similar cooperations ( goods & creative services ) in Croatia or abroad , owner/designer Gordana Drenovac  will be so glad to hear for you so please send specific request on e-mail :  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

In online web shop www.artfashiontech.eu   , goods and services can buy for now only in Croatia for currency kuna ( HRK) with payment on transaction by bank transfer and via direct internet banking on business account ARTFashionStudio Gordana , owner Gordana Drenovac , based on confirmed & accepted online - order .  Delivery is available only on territory of Croatia . Payment methods are also only available from customers from Croatia . In future during 2020 , plan is export : selling goods and services for EU area and abroad . So for that reason web shop is available partly in english version only for promotion and information purposes for future customers , so possible prices on this web pages in EUR are only informative without calculation of real aditional costs ( delivery , taxes or any posibble additional extra costs ) which may occure . Please note that terms and conditions as well as other informations can be changed as well , according the additional costs suitable for the export regulations /taxes on the new markets .

Entrence in the world of the women entrepreneurship was a logical step of the professional development fashion designer Gordane Drenovac , started firstly as a great wish since her childhood . This is also a logical result of a need for own company completed by self-employment business plan  after she noticed business trends and her opportunity , finding  positive responce on the market . Inspiration for the business is based from family history roots making traditional crafts and working values  ( from her grand grand mother  Magdalena and her succesfull fashion clothing – home manufactoring business in Astro -Hungarian times , more than 150 years ago ). Gordana Drenovac adore designing and drawing women models since she was a young child , so her creative fashion games turn on profession and later on opening hers own fashion business  . First she had worked for years in various fashion companies , since the time she spoted good opportunity & timing for making her own business and fashion brand .  As a result of the market exploration ,  she placed her business in nisha  on " fashiontech " unique designer segment of the creative industry , and women entrepreneurship  , founded her business concept suitable on local , but also on global market too . So , she developed her own business from idea into business plan , with detailed products and services strictly focused on creative&unique artistic craftsmanship concept mixed on aqusitions of the new technologies and digitalisation  ( STEAM ) .  She opens her  ARTFashiontech Studio Gordana , Clothing Manufactoring and other services , owner Gordana Drenovac , as well as same fashion brand and avatar – brand , as a logical step of highly experienced and educated fashion designer . Fashion designer used financial support of Zagreb city , as support funding her business plan for 2018 year for own self emplyment in production sector . This financial support helps her a lot with start her fashion production business , as well as consulting – educational support of the office Plavi Ured and ZICER accelerator in Zagreb city .  

Fashion designer-entrepreneur Gordana Drenovac according opening her online web shop with fashion blog www.artfashiontech.eu  , preparing in the end of  2019 / begining 2020 year  exibitions , creative workshops and educations , silk paintings workshops , fashion design - illustrations & sewing as well as buisness consulting according  " Fashiontech " digitalization process included various multimedia chanels / content creations , showing her experiences during demanding process of fashion – women entrepreneurship , digitalisations and all challenges which such activity brings . So if you like ,  please follow online pages-web shop  with her fashion blog as well as other social media chanells to be informed about termins and news .

Fashion designer Gordana Drenovac has an honour and great pleasure that her collections you find your own as well too , so be kind to follow-visit  her fashion web shop-blog  , with original trends or educational fashion blogs  , explore if you wish whole additional content across multimedia chanells , with links presented partly on her  www.artfashiontech.eu   , and soon you will be able to dance and have fun with artistic-fashion videos with original music songs  / performances , with thematic based on collection stories ! And SOON much more creative FASHION GAMES and STORIES .

THANK YOU  for your visit or order , becouse with this purchase you support in realisation independent fashion studio productions ARTFashiontech Studio Gordana and online web shop  www.artfashiontech.eu  , owned by fashion designer Gordana Drenovac from Croatia !

Gordana Drenovac ,mag.eng.tech.
Fashion designer and owner of ARTFashiontech Studio Gordana and web shop www.artfashiontech.eu